Wednesday, June 15, 2016

BACK IN THE SADDLE By Ruth Logan Herne

Colt Stafford returns home but not because he wants to but because he has no choice, broke and in need of a job to regroup and survive, he arrives to an unceremonious welcome as well--the barrel end of a gun. Angelina Morales, knows Colt is coming home but she didn't expect him so soon; and she has her reasons to be on guard.

Colt is one of Sam Stafford's three sons, the oldest, a financial wizard. He's made his own way in the New York world of stocks; but his life has taken a real low turn just like his investments. He left home with bitter feelings and nothing's changed except now his Dad is so sick that the boys have to run the ranch and he's hired a housekeeper and cook named Angelina Morales.

Angelina has other skills too and keeps a glock tucked in the back waistband of her pants and her mother and son hidden in a cabin on the ranch. But even though she has her secrets she knows how to keep the boys in line and teach them manners. And she lives her faith out loud.

Ms. Herne's has a great ability to write about tough subjects and family relationships. She makes you feel for her characters and with them. You find yourself pulling for Colt and Sam and Nick and Angelina and wanting to shake some sense into each one of them.

Her descriptions of ranching life, the people, the animals make a wonderful setting for her story; and Colt is like the prodigal son, Sam needs forgiveness, and Angelina needs to trust. I recommend this as another keeper by Ruth Logan Herne.

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