Friday, June 3, 2016

Montana, a beautiful state and the setting for a wonderful story by Tracie Peterson. Her book is aptly named for the more you read, the more you find to keep you turning pages. Her descriptive opening reveals the heroine, Emily Carver; and we are at once, intrigued to find out more about how she survives in a mostly male environment. She and her parents live near a small mining settlement where her Dad continues to chase his dreams of finding a gold treasure. Her mother is dying of an unknown illness; and Emily finds pleasure in the few friends she has, her animals, and her garden.

Enter our hero, Caeden Thibault, a geologist on assignment for the government. Emily's dad invites him home for a meal and a place to stay and sends him up to the cabin, where he walks in on Emily, having just finished her bath and clad only in her underlings. From this unceremonious beginning, they begin a fragile but budding relationship complicated by the pronouncement by Emily's Mom, that Caeden is the man God means for her daughter.

This is a thoroughly entrancing read, peopled with interesting characters, and a plot with many twists and turns. You will find there is more than one treasure to be discovered. I recommend this book as worth your time to find "A Treasure Concealed". I received this book through Bethany House's Blogger Review program for an honest review.

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