Saturday, November 21, 2015


The Mistress of Tall Acre
A sweet romance, The Mistress of Tall Acre, eases you tenderly into the relationship that develops between Sophie Menzies and General Seamus Ogilvy and his little daughter, Lily Cate.

 The story flow is gradual as the author fills us in on the history of both hero and heroine--and a prologue finds the General home from the battlefield, for the birth of his daughter, delivered by mother and daughter midwives with a doctor having been called because of a difficult birth. The doctor admonishes the general what will happen if he doesn't protect his wife from further pregnancies giving us a glimpse at future problems for this marriage. We meet Sophie the midwife daughter here but the significance of this meeting is not clear until the opening chapter.

It is a complex relationship that develops and we suspect the general cares for Sophie much more than is apparent to her. Sophie, on the other hand, clearly loves Seamus; and her relationship with his daughter becomes a thread that draws them together.

There is a major surprise in the story line that I cannot say I was happy with but I can see how it could have transpired. I'm also not sure that the solution is acceptable; however, I trust that Ms. Frantz did her historical homework and the moral dilemma is ours to ascertain.

I am a big fan of Ms. Frantz historical romances so I still highly recommend this for a very interesting and enthralling read!

FIRE AND ICE By Mary Connealy

Fire and Ice
Mary Connealy's books are always an adventure. Fire and Ice is no exception.  This novel is part of a series about sisters in the old west. Bailey Wilde likes to dress and act like a man but she doesn't like men especially Gage Coulter. Gage has a problem. He needs Bailey Wilde's land but the man would rather shoot at him than talk. Bailey is a small homesteader seeking to make a living in a wild and lonely land. Gage Coulter already owns 5000 acres and lives to manage and build his empire. His ways are fair but tough.

When Gage discovers that Bailey is really a woman sparks begin to fly. Add to the mayhem, someone is trying to kill Gage; and he thinks it's Bailey.

Over the lonely winter, Bailey learns that she doesn't like being alone and she misses her sisters and family. When Gage  surprises Bailey with a visit despite the icy conditions of winter, she warms to his visit; but then Gage makes a crazy proposal stating he needs her help because his mother is coming and expects to find him with a wife, Bailey must make a crazy decision of her own.

I highly recommend this read for the humor, suspense, and romance. Fire and Ice very appropriately describes each character and their relationship as well.