Monday, March 17, 2014

SUBMERGED by Dani Pettrey


Action and adventure, mystery and suspense, romance and faith--all great qualities rolled into one book. Submerged by Dani Pettrey, the first in a series about a family of siblings living in Alaska. An intriguing setting and extreme occupations form a firm foundation for a great series. In Submerged, we meet Cole Mckenna in the middle of what he does best, rescue diving. He hadn't reckoned on finding his one time love, Bailey Craig in the midst of the stressful situation.

Mckenna Siblings run an Extreme Sports and excursions business. A childhood best friend, Landon Granger, a member of local law enforcement brings an added dimension. A close knit family, having had their share of sorrows, the Mckenna's are a family of faith. Elements of Russian history add a nice touch.

Besides the Hero and Heroine, several side story lines among the siblings are happening at the same time. There is an especially edgy scene with Landon and Piper Mckenna. Piper seems to be clueless to her effect on Landon and He seems very protective of Piper. Sparks are flying.

While Bailey stuggles with guilt feelings and misunderstandings, Cole struggles to overcome the past and finds he wants to forgive Bailey and renew their relationship. Action packed espionage spiked with the fragrance of romance. Take a trip to Alaska with the Mckennas. Like me, you'll be awaiting the next episode with bated breath.

Monday, March 10, 2014

A NEW LIFE by Beate Boeker

A New Life by Beate Boeker

A New Life by Beate Boeker
reminded me of "Three Coins in a Fountain" or "Roman Holiday" with the heroine's description shades of Audrey Hepburn. You are swept away with the story and the vulnerability of Anne. Quickly, the author gets you up to speed as to why Anne must seek a new start. Running from a past, she can't seem to escape, she arrives in Italy already suspicious of everyone and everything.

Peter Grant, the hotel manager is expecting her. He already has preconceived ideas formed from his knowledge of her uncle who is sending her to Peter for a new job in his hotel. However, Peter doesn't know anything about her past.

My favorite scene is when Anne first arrives at the hotel and becomes enthralled by the mosaic terracotta floor. Peter gets his first glimpse and impression of her at this moment and it forms the basis for the foundation of their relationship.

Anne has some early knowledge of Italian but not enough to function well at her job which is frustrating for Peter. Her uncle then insists that Peter make sure she learns Italian so Peter decides he will do the job himself. Of course, he has ulterior motives.

Murder and mayhem begin our story and lead us to the climax as well. With many misunderstandings, the author weaves a very interesting tale that leaves you very satified in the end. Descriptions of the scenery and the people are well done. A delicious read.