Friday, November 15, 2019


This is one of my favorites in a while. It is the last in a series about the Bowstreet Runners but can stand alone. I definitely recommend it for your keeper shelf. From the opening scenes you are thrust into a world of adventure, action, and simmering romance.

Abigail Gilbert has been thrust out to travel alone and unguarded, except for a ladie's maid, across a dangerous expanse of country to get to her intended. Although, it does seem strange that a man who is claiming her for his bride is not concerned that she safely get to him. She is rescued by Samuel Thatcher, a horse patrol captain, who is a dark brooding man and extremely miffed with her for traveling unguarded.

She attempts to purchase Samuel's services but he has a job to do and his life is in danger from the biggest thug in the area since he killed the man's brother in saving Abigail and her ladie's maid.

In the end, Samuel ends up escorting Abigail the rest of the way along with a child that an old friend has gotten him to promise to deliver to her aunt. Things go from bad to worse along the way and Samuel is forced to use his expertise to rescue Abigail several more times. Abigail, finds herself falling in love with the enigmatic Captain and with the motherless child.

Abigail arrives at her intended's home with a severely wounded Captain and child in tow to find all is not as she expects. You definitely will want to read this one. Thanks to Barbour Publishing for allowing me to read this ebook through Netgalley. The views and opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

VERITY By Lisa T. Bergren

Those who founded the New World had to be strong courageous people. Verity is about a strong woman with sisters just as strong. This is the second in a series by Lisa T. Bergren, The Sugar Baron's Daughters. 

Verity has been awaiting the return of the man she loves, a sea captain, expecting to become engaged on his return. After, not hearing from him, and needing to restock the store she runs on her island home in the West Indies, she sails for New York to see relatives, restock her supplies, and find news of Captain Duncan Mckintrick. However, she finds Captain Mckintrick in jail--but it's not Duncan but Ian his brother and Ian has tragic news for Verity.

Ian has pledged to find those responsible for his brother's demise. In the meantime, he finds himself drawn into the Rebel's cause in the colonies and against his home country of England.

Having met Verity, he finds they are mutually grieving his brother and his brother has left horses intended for Verity so he takes his ship to help Verity ferry her goods home. He begins to have feelings for Verity and she for him and return but they both feel guilt because of Duncan. At home, Verity and her sisters have their own troubles with an abusive man who disagrees with their stance for freed men versus slavery. This same man has come into power and has no qualms misusing it.

Ian sails back for the colonies and finds trouble waiting for him while Verity runs into her own share of trouble. When will Ian return? Will it be too late? Will their love be torn apart by the looming Revolution for freedom? A very satisfying read. Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for allowing me to read this book through Netgalley. The views and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


The story of Jenny Holloway and Tom Finch is a very romantic read. They both find themselves drawn to each other but prefer to pursue their own interests above a relationship.

Jenny wants to use her recently acquired modest indepence to travel and while she's at it discover what really happened to the Earl of Castleton in India.

Tom wants to continue his safe and secure existence as a solicitor. But, when Jenny approaches him with the desire to use her funds to travel to India. He balks at her traveling unaccompanied. He finds that he has feelings for her and he hopes he can persuade her that she has feelings for him in return.

As they travel from London across seas, through, Egypt, and then India, they find themselves taking liberties and in each other's arms. It is a struggle to maintain their ruse of brother and sister to protect Jenny's reputation. 

Ms. Matthews does a great job with describing the angst of their relationship, allowing, the romance to blossom, while describing the scenic backdrop, and including a little mystery as well.

But will Jenny choose Tom or her new found freedom...and Tom will he let go of Jenny because he loves her? This is a great read, 5 stars, worth your investment of time. Thanks to Victory Editing for allowing me to read this ebook through Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, September 2, 2019


Irene Hannon is already one of my favorite authors for romantic suspense; but Driftwood Bay is more on the line of simple contemporary romance. Still, it is very good and grabs your attention from the beginning. Dr. Logan West has relocated to the town of Hope Harbor with a grief stricken little girl and destructive pup in hand. He is struggling with the single Father status and finds his neighbor has built walls around herself both literally and physically. 

Jeannette, despite her desire of solitude, finds herself drawn to the little girl, Molly, and to the persevering Doctor who has changed his life completely to help his charge.

Throw in the town of Hope Harbor has decided to befriend a syrian immigrant family who have lost much from their war ravaged home including a wife, father, and brother--leaving a motherless child with a father who has with drawn.

This is another wonderful read from a great series that I highly recommend for your reading shelf. Thanks to Revell Publishing for allowing me to read this book from Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.

THE ARTFUL MATCH By Jennifer Delamere

Last in the London Beginnings series, The Artful Match can stand alone. It is a delightful tale that follows Cara Bernay in her search for work and a home for survival while she pursues her gift of art. Cara has recently lost her job as a Nanny due to her brief lapse in judgement which put a child in harm's way. She has decided not to pursue being a child's Governess ever again; however, when she meets Langham Burke an aspiring artist with issues of his own, she finds herself on her way to his country estate under the protection of his brother Henry Burke the Earl of Marstowe. Henry is burdened with the debt of their estate and the precocious child whom everyone believes is his and he knows to be Langham's. 

Cara is drawn into helping with the child against her better judgement but she has a gift with children. She is also drawn to Henry and feels he reciprocates the feelings until a visiting family with a marriageble aged daughter come to visit and Cara is relegated to servant status.

The misunderstandings and mysteries escalate to a near tragic ending. This book is well worth your time and earns 5 stars. Thanks to Bethany House Publisher's for allowing me to read this book throug Netgalley. The views expressed are my own opinion.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

THE GOLDEN BRIDE By Kimberley Woodhouse

This is another in the Mayflower series done by several different authors. It is a very good historical series. I've enjoyed most of the books and learned alot of interesting facts shared by the various authors. The Golden Bride can stand alone, however, as a good read. 

Most of the story follows Olivia Brighton as she travels to San Francisco to join her brother after her parents have died. She marries quickly for survival and becomes a widow just as quickly. She arrives in San Francisco jaded and determined to endure a just fate of spinsterhood. But she grows in her faith and in emotional maturity as she helps her brother manage his restaurant and as she joins forces with Daniel's best friend Joseph to improve the plight of their new city.

Romance blooms slowly between Olivia and Joseph while Joseph struggles to find those responsible for an underground slave trade and abuse of children. Daniel has given Olivia a trunk that had belonged to their mother and holds the journals of several of her ancestors including her mother. She finds commonalitiy with them and encouragement from their struggles and achievements.

I recommend this book for your summer reading pile and thank Barbour Publishing for allowing me to read this book through Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, August 2, 2019

WHEN YOU ARE NEAR By Tracie Peterson

When You Are Near is the first in a new series by Tracie Peterson called the Brookstone Brides. It has an unusual setting of a traveling Wild West Show. Ella is the main performer doing acrobatics from the back of horses and she is the daughter of the owner. Now her father has passed away and she and her mother must find a way to move on.

Ella has decided she will close off her heart to love but she finds her heart being vied for by two men. Jason, who is an investor in the show and now has more say in where they will perform has set his cap for Ella and doesn't intend to take no for an answer. When they return home to their ranch for the winter hiatus, there is Wes, the man whom she has truly given her heart to years before but whom she thinks still sees her as a girl; besides, Wes is married or was, as his wife has died and Wes is full of guilt and also fear for Ella.

Complicating things, is the death of their wrangler, a runaway fiancee, and a vagabond brother. This is a very entertaining read which I recommend for your summer reading. Thanks to Bethany House for allowing me to read this ebook through Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.