Monday, March 20, 2017

RESCUE ME By Susan May Warren

Rescue Me opens up in the middle of a rescue and you quickly become involved with the hero, Sam Brooks, and the emotional and physical stress he struggles with every day fighting to save lives and sometimes to save his own.

Enter, Willow, the sister of his girlfriend, and in the darkened room, Sam begins to share his emotional upheaval with her, mistaking her for her sister, Sierra. Willow, kisses Sam sympathetically, who kisses her back before he realizes his mistake. But the damage is done. Is he really meant to be with Sierra? Willow ask him to keep the kiss a secret because she wants whats best for her sister and for Sam; but she has loved Sam forever.

Then, Sam and Willow are thrown together chaperoning youth on a day hike into the mountains that ends up in tragedy and with several injured, especially, Sam. They must hike out and survive long enough for someone to find them.

Sam and Willow both have their issues and poor family relationships that they struggle with. Each has a servant's heart always trying to fix and rescue others but now, they must learn to wait on God and allow others to rescue them.

Susan May Warren has another winner here and in this series. Rescue Me is a wonderful story with many twists and turns to the plot and wonderful inspirational lessons to go along with the romance. I highly recommend it. I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A NOTE YET UNSUNG By Tamera Alexander

What a beautiful setting and lovely ambiance underscored by ageless music becomes "A Note Yet Unsung" by Tamera Alexander. It is not until the climax that you understand and actually see the words that give the book it's name; but every word underscores it.

You are captured from the beginning by Rebekah Carrington's dire circumstances but impressed with her resiliency and perseverance, holding your breath that the Maestro Nathaniel Whitcomb will give her the position in his orchestra that she so obviously deserves.

But, Tate, turns her down because women aren't strong enough or capable enough to play the music that the audience expects to hear. Rebekah, desperately needs a job in order to live on her own and not return to the home where she is no longer safe. Over the course of the book, you gets bits and pieces of her past until the sordid events are revealed.

However, Tate has his own secrets and those become the bigger surprises. In order not to destroy the read for you with spoilers, I would only like to say that Ms. Alexander does a superb job of contrasting the elite society of Nashville with the homespun culture of Appalachia even to the voice tones sharing the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Finally, the descriptions of the music especially in the climax are awe inspiring. Music speaks to the soul. It can be soothing, uplifting, poignant, inspiring and worshipful. You can feel and almost hear the music in this masterpiece which makes you grieve the more with Tate at his potential loss of hearing. 

I found myself laughing and crying and when I thought I couldn't be surprised or moved any more, Ms Alexander bent her tale another twist. It is a grand story and the beautiful cover adds justice to a must have for your keeper shelf.

I received this novel both through Netgalley and Bethany House for my honest opinion.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


A Heart Most Certain

What makes this a great story is how you get to see the character of the personalities grow along with love that endures.

Nicholas Lowe one of the richest men in the area runs a lumber yard and lives in a beautiful but cold mansion. A mansion built from his guilt and loveless marriage which died when his faithless wife died.

Lydia King, a member of the Ladies Moral Society from the local church, set with a task to get a donation from the miserly Mr. Lowe, approaches him and doesn't succeed, but she perseveres.because she thinks her cause is worthy and she is motivated rightly; but Mr. Lowe remains stuborn until her perseverance softens him into granted her three wishes which he will fulfill but in his own way.

Complicating matters, Lydia King is being courted by Sebastian Little a highly rspected town citizen with a likely engagement at the end.

Nicholas and Lydia find themselves embroiled in a charitable cause that society frowns upon. Nicholas bent on teaching Lydia lessons in life learns some of his own while Lydia finds trusting God for her future is far better than relying on her own abilities.

I recommend this tender tale for those who like inspiration. I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.


Laura Frantz is a master of historical romance. I have read and have the majority of her books on my keeper shelf. She does not disappoint with "A Moonbow Night". Temperance Tucker, though an innocent heroine, remains true to the tough breed of women that must have braved the new frontier that was America in those early days. She finds pleasure in the simple things and resents the invasion of her peace and privacy by those who are bent on expanding the continent as were those that were surveyors like Sion Morgan.

Both Sion and Temperance have deep sorrows and seek no solace in each other though they are immediately drawn to the other without recognizing the invisible pull. They are also thrown together by circumstances and Sion must reluctantly accept the skills of scouting that Temperance has as she objects to being the only woman among his team of men. Their travels are thwart with many dangers along the trail as the Indians are on the warpath objecting to the white man's encroachment into their land. As they travel further inland, so their relationship buds and builds through the twists and turns just as deep and uncharted as the land they traverse.

Ms. Frantz skillfully weaves history and romance into an enduring tale. I received this novel from netgally for an honest review.

I LOVE YOU THREE By Milou Koenings

I Love You Three

If you love sweet romances, this should be on your end table ready for your next read. In fact, I would add the whole series if this story is any indication.

All the elements for inspiration, suspense, mystery, and romance are here including an opening that grabs your attention and a swoon worthy drop, literally into the hero's arms. Bits of humor relieve the tense moments. You can't help but smile.

Mac, an ex-marine, has returned from his last tour of duty suffering from PTSD and struggles with his family relationships especially with his imprisoned brother from whom he remains estranged. He decides to follow a lead in the small town of Green Pines for a coaching job hoping to get a change of scenery and relief from his pain. 

Julie, works as a secretary at Green Pines High School, not because she wants to but because her ex-husband besides being unfaithful, left her without funds to pursue college. He also left her pregnant and now she is a single Mom.

Julie literally drops into Mac's arm's and then the fun begins. Both have certain goals in mind that doesn't include the opposite sex. They also make assumptions about the other that aren't true. Thus begins a journey in a budding relationship. Each learns a lot about the other but hold secrets that lead to big problems later.

Then, Mac's brother comes to town and the misunderstandings and hidden truths build to a climactic ending...well you just have to get this book and find out!

I receive a copy of this book for an honest review.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

BEYOND THE SILENCE By Tracie Peterson/Kimberley Woodhouse

This novel was a pleasant surprise. It doesn't grab you in the beginning but the authors laid the groundwork for our understanding of what motivated the heroine, Lillian Porter. Lillian is a young woman on a mission. She braves losing her connections with her grandfather and home to follow the dream of her deceased mother  in going west. She has been corresponding with Woodward Colton in Angels Camp, California who needs a nanny for his seven year old son who hasn't spoken since his mother died.

Woodward Colton needs a nanny and he needs hope again. His wife was murdered and he was arrested and charged for her murder; but then he was let go for lack of evidence. Now he has withdrawn from society through no choice of his own and still grieves finding his wife brutally murdered and his son mute. Now he struggles to continue farming his Olive Farm in the midst of a drought and his neighbors mistrust and accusations.

Other things I liked about this book were the historical setting of Angels Camp and the details about Olive Farming. In addition, I liked how the author depicted the rush to judgement by some but the mercy shown by Lillian. Also, one character who was mentally challenged allowed for demonstrating how society treats these people and how we can value them and allow them to find their place in society.

Lillian must get "Beyond the Silence" of her small charge and that of her estranged stubborn grandfather. You will find it worth the read so get "Beyond the Silence".

I received this book from blogger review for my honest review.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

BACK IN THE SADDLE By Ruth Logan Herne

Colt Stafford returns home but not because he wants to but because he has no choice, broke and in need of a job to regroup and survive, he arrives to an unceremonious welcome as well--the barrel end of a gun. Angelina Morales, knows Colt is coming home but she didn't expect him so soon; and she has her reasons to be on guard.

Colt is one of Sam Stafford's three sons, the oldest, a financial wizard. He's made his own way in the New York world of stocks; but his life has taken a real low turn just like his investments. He left home with bitter feelings and nothing's changed except now his Dad is so sick that the boys have to run the ranch and he's hired a housekeeper and cook named Angelina Morales.

Angelina has other skills too and keeps a glock tucked in the back waistband of her pants and her mother and son hidden in a cabin on the ranch. But even though she has her secrets she knows how to keep the boys in line and teach them manners. And she lives her faith out loud.

Ms. Herne's has a great ability to write about tough subjects and family relationships. She makes you feel for her characters and with them. You find yourself pulling for Colt and Sam and Nick and Angelina and wanting to shake some sense into each one of them.

Her descriptions of ranching life, the people, the animals make a wonderful setting for her story; and Colt is like the prodigal son, Sam needs forgiveness, and Angelina needs to trust. I recommend this as another keeper by Ruth Logan Herne.