Wednesday, February 7, 2018

YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME By Robin Lee Hatcher

You're Gonna Love Me is told through present times and flashbacks, an interesting way to reveal the relationship of the key characters of Nick Chastain and Samantha Winters. Robin Lee Hatcher is a master at the romance genre and relating it to real life scenarios.This is a good book but not one of her best.

She deals with the subject of TBI (traumatic brain injury); but, other than a few instances, she doesn't show how the interactions and emotions of Nick and Samantha might be affected. Instead, more of the focus is on their failed relationship from the past and Samantha's fear of Nick taking chances with extreme sports and situations.

Several supporting characters are fun to get to know and Nick's dog adds interest. There is a HEA but I felt the resolution and ending were rushed considering the struggles through most of the book. It's worth your time to read but I don't consider it extra enthralling. I received this book for my honest review from Netgalley.

HOLDING THE FORT By Regina Jennings
Holding the Fort is another fun read by a very good author, Regina Jennings, of whom I already have several books on my keeper shelf. It is a fascinating read with good descriptions of a real historical area, Fort Reno; but the characters are the most intriguing.

I caught myself smiling and laughing a lot and really enjoying the humorous situations but frustrated with Louisa, wanting her to come clean with the truth; however, the tender romance that develops between her and Major Adams is what keeps us reading romance novels. 

Even though it had a wonderful happily ever after, I gave this one a four star review only because I really wanted a more in depth discussion between Louisa and Daniel about the reasons for her deception. I wanted Daniel to express more anger and disappointment  before offering forgiveness. I wanted Louisa to be more apologetic rather than giving in to the circumstances and accepting that she didn't deserve becoming the Lady she desired to be.

Still I highly recommend it for your reading list. I received this book from Bethany House and Netgalley for my honest review.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

THE TWO OF US By Victoria Bylin

From the opening paragraph you are hooked on "The Two of Us", just as Mia is hooked on and fascinated with the good looking cowboy operating the claw machine retrieving stuff animals. Both Mia Robinson and Jake Tanner have been burnt in love and have decided their future involves the plans they have set for themselves.

Mia wants to travel and work with an international aid organization as a Doctor and Jake wants to start a camp for sons of fallen officers. Jake suffers from partial deafness requiring the use of a service dog having been injured on the job as a police officer, his partner being killed, leaving her son motherless. Jake took the boy under his wing and continues to mentor him.

Mia and Jake briefly meet in the restaurant they both have sought morning coffee in while they wait for a later event that day. They are surprised to meet again to attend and be in a wedding of Mia's  pregnant sister and Jake's young prodigy. 

Mia thinks her sister, Lucy, is making a mistake but Jake supports Sam knowing he is normally, a responsible young man and truly loves Lucy. From there the plot builds with many twists and turns. 

"The Two of Us" is one of the best stories covering several complicated life issues such as teen pregnancy and young love, disabilities, alzheimer's disease. I highly recommend this for your keeper shelf. I received this book from Bethany House for an honest review.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ruth Logan Herne writes beautiful romance stories while handling difficult social issues. She gets you involved with the characters and their communities. In Welcome to Wishing Bridge, we meet Kelsey McCleary, single, pregnant and stranded after sliding off an icey road in a blizzard with no help in sight.

But a woman sees the lights from her front window and realizes something isn't right and calls in a distress call and Deputy Hale Jackson cruises out in the wicked weather because he knows Maggie wouldn't have called if she wasn't sure. He doesn't find any signs of a vehicle but persists and calls in the snow plows. He is rewarded when he struggles through the drifts and finds Kelsey stuck in her vehicle and, to his surprise, now in labor.

Kelsey had been on her way to place her child up for adoption because she believes that will benefit her child as she, herself, has grown up in foster care without the love of two parents; however, her plans are delayed when she delivers her child and then finds many of the towns people willingly come to her aid--especially after her story is told on Christmas Eve over a Television program.

Hale feels drawn to the young mother and her new baby especially because he feels his finding and saving her was meant to be. He begins stopping by several times a day just to check on Kelsey and the baby.

In the meantime, Kelsey's two friends Jazz and Thea arrive after receiving a previously agreed upon signal if any of them needed each other.

The plot thickens as the two friends develop relationships in Wishing Bridge and decide to stay for the time being (of course this will be future episodes in this series). Kelsey and Hale sense that they are attracted to each other and the relationship begins to bud; but Hale has a history and issues of his own. To complicate matters, someone wants Kelsey gone and begins sending threatening notes.

This is a great read and it looks like the beginning of a great series to add to your keeper shelf. I received this book through netgalley for my honest review.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Part of her Blue Ridge Romance series, Blue Ridge Sunrise is a lovely story by Denise Hunter. We meet in cameos some characters from her previous stories as the setting is the same town. The story opens with Zoe Collins returning to attend the funeral of her beloved grandmother. She has not been back since leaving with boyfriend Kyle in 5 years. But at the funeral, just as she fretted, she runs into former first love, Cruz Huntley. Unable to make eye contact, Zoe is not her former assertive self. Cruz still has feelings for her and is concerned with the changes in her personality and her appearance, having been a true redhead, she is now a blond.

Zoe's intention, especially because of Kyle's insistence, is just to remain long enough for the reading of the will; however, her grandmother leaves her Peach Orchard and small business to Zoe. Kyle insists she has to return to singing with his band and sell her inheritance. To enforce his demands, he begins his usually MO of beating her in the parking lot but Cruz comes to her rescue.

Zoe's longtime friend and her brother help her to understand she doesn't need Kyle and his baggage and she should stay and make a go of it. To complicate matters, Zoe is not along but has her little girl. A little girl whose father doesn't know about his paternity.

This is a good novel but one of those I consider kind of stressing to read because of the angst between the main characters and the complicated issues they must overcome and relationship that needs repairing. But this does have a dramatic climax and very satisfying ending. I recommend it is worth your time to read. I received this book from netgalley for my honest review.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

BLIND SPOT By Dani Pettrey
Dani Pettrey is a master author of suspense with a dash of romance. The third book in her Chesapeake Valor Series is a page burner. It can stand alone but makes more sense when read in sequence and especially as it ends with a cliff hangar ending.

Declan Grey, is an FBI agent hot on the hills of a terrorist cell bent on doing harm to the United States; in the midst of his case he manages to realize he has fallen in love with his temporary partner, Tanner Shaw. Tanner has surprise expertise and a background that she hasn't shared with Declan until she saves his life in the middle of a gunfight.

Declan and Tanner also are members of a tight knit group of friends, all with specialties of their own. Enter Luke, a former member of the group and special friend, who has been missing for seven years and presumed dead. Dead that is to all but Kate who still loves him with all her heart. Luke, apparently, is deeply embedded as an agent for an unnamed organization and has had to do unspeakable things that have affected the person he used to be deeply. He saves Declan and Tanner and then saves Declan a second time; but he asks them to keep knowledge of seeing him secret.

The story is a race against time to discover and diffuse the target of the terrorists with many twists and turns in the plot.

I enjoyed the mystery very much, the banter among the characters, and the romantic interludes. I would recommend this series to anyone who loves suspense and espionage with a little romance thrown in. I received this book from Bethany House for my honest review.

Friday, November 3, 2017

DEADLY PROOF By Rachel Dylan

This one is a text in legal process. If you work in the legal world you will especially enjoy it as the lawyer moves are detailed. Those of us who aren't experts at law can still follow the story. It is a great mystery and suspense. 

Kate Sullivan is a Prosecuting attorney representing her clients who, allegedly, have been harmed by big Pharma. It feels more like she is a public defender as her goal in life is to defend the downtrodden without thought for the big bucks. Her counter part on the other hand, who is a former classmate and supposed friend, Ethan Black is the exact opposite. Career and more money is his goal that's why he has sought out Mason Industries as a client to defend.

Right off the bat, you are caught in the web of the mystery as Kate is contacted by a whistleblower named Ellie Proctor who then shows up dead. Now her new PI, Landon James, a former Army Ranger, must add extra duties of arranging and participating in added security for Kate.

As things progress, things heat up between Kate and Landon, Ethan digs himself in deeper, the attacks against Kate escalate, and the suspense deepens as more acts of sabotage occur and a mysterious package arrives in the mail.

Rachel Dylan is a new author to me but her novel is well worth the read. I highly recommend it. I received this novel through Bethany House Blogger Review program for my honest opinion.