Friday, March 8, 2019


The Liberty Bride continues the Daughters of the Mayflower series which has different authors doing the stories. They have all been great so far. In this story, Emeline Barratt finds herself unwittingly becoming an American spy on a British Royal Navy ship. She has always been an adventurous lady and a breaker of rules; but, now, she feels God is punishing her and she is trying hard to keep the rules. Yet, she is called on to lie and deny even her best friend for the cause of her country after her father's ship is attacked by a Royal Navy ship and the crew and she captured..

Lieutenant Owen Masters serves aboard the Marauder. He intrigues Emeline but his kindness and extra attention turn cold, oddly, when she pledges allegiance to the crown. He is the favorite officer of the Captain, loyal to the crown as well, isn't he?

Unknown to Emeline, Owen, has these past eight years served on the Marauder at the behest of his uncle who heads the department of the Navy for the Americans--serving as an American spy. Both he and Emeline are horrified when the British attack and take Washington D.C. as they both watch helplessly from the Marauder's deck. Neither aware of the other's feelings.

Then the Captain, assured of Emeline's loyalties sends her accompanied by Owen and two other men to shore to extract information before the British attack Emeline's home, Baltimore; but both Emeline and Owen want to get information to the Patriots. However, one of the men accompanying them is certain that Owen is a traitor to the British cause. Things are even more complicated for Owen and Emeline as they are drawn to each other but fear the other is a traitor to their country. This is a page turner and well worth your time to read. Thanks to Barbour Publishing for allowing me to read this ebook from Netgalley.

WHO I AM WITH YOU By Robin Lee Hatcher

This is a sweet novel. Jessica Mason finds herself pregnant with her husband's baby after the tragic loss of her husband and daughter in a car accident. To complicate matters, Jessica's husband admitted cheating on her right before leaving the house. Now she doesn't know whom to trust especially men or even if she believes in love.

Ridley Chesterfield wants some where to hide out until fallout from a political scandal involving him blows over. He's been falsely accused of leaking information involving his boss. His girlfriend ended things saying hurtful things and insisting their relationship is over; however, now, she is stalking him wanting to mend things but for Ridley it is truly over. He just wants to start over completely.

Jessica and Ridley find themselves neighbors and at first try to ignore each other; but slowly things happen to bring them together and they find solace and healing with each other. Can true love grow out of their broken pieces? Add an abandoned dog and you have a page turner. 5 Star read. Thanks to Thomas Nelson Fiction for allowing me to read this ebook through Netgalley.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


A Holiday by Gaslight was a very intriguing read. I enjoyed the ambiance and historical setting; but the most interesting aspect was the lesson for all of us in that first impressions are not always right or the best. Second chances or glances reveal more facets to people and maybe that we are mistaken in our assumptions; and therefore, may miss out on the very best for our futures. Being willing to admit an impulsive mistake, allows Sophie another chance to see Edward Sharpe in a different light. She finds a treasure she might have lost if she had continued with her preformed opinion. I highly recommend this read. Thanks to Victory Editing for allowing me to read this novella on Netgalley.

ALL IN By Shelley Shepard Gray

Ms Gray's Bridgeport Social Club Series has already become a favorite of mine. After reading the first in the series, "Take a Chance", I jumped at the chance to read the second in the series "All In". I haven't been disappointed.

In fact, the second was even better and included characters from the first. But you are grabbed right off by the mugging of main character, Meredith Hunt, the local Pilates instructor who actually owns the business. Ace Vance and his fifteen year old son, Finn, immediately come to her rescue but Meredith is not use to depending on someone; however she needs medical attention and transportation so she reluctantly takes them up on their offer of assistance.

Over time Meredith and Ace begin to see each other and, though they each have their issues, they see the best in the other and reach out of their comfort zones. Finn, in the meantime, struggles at school and in his neighborhood to make friends and belong. It is sweet to see how his kind and gentle neighbor brings the best out of him as well.

I highly recommend this series with 5 stars. Thanks to Blackstone Publishing for allowing me to read this book from Netgalley.

Monday, February 11, 2019


On Magnolia Lane is part of the Blue Ridge Romance series by Denise Hunter. They have all been captivating tales. This one is unique in that it pairs Daisy, the local florist, with Jack, the Pastor. I was concerned at first, how Ms Hunter would handle a romance with a Pastor; but she made Jack human and believable. Jack has secret feelings of love for Daisy but doesn't know how to tell her. He's afraid that the slight age difference plus his position as her spiritual adviser might turn her off.

Jack's friends decide to create him an online profile on a dating app they know Daisy is using; and against his better judgment, Jack finds himself conversing with Daisy through the app. At the same time, things escalate in real life between Daisy and Jack as they work together on a fund raiser and in dealing with complicated family secrets that threaten to destroy her life.

Daisy trusts Jack and everyone around her seems to be losing her trust but what will she do when she finds out that even Jack has failed her.

This is another 5 star romance. You find yourself loving the characters and the whole community that they are a part of. It's worth a spot on your keeper shelf. Thanks to Thomas Nelson Fiction for allowing me to read this novel through Netgalley.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

HIDDEN PERIL By Irene Hannon

Irene Hannon is already on my list of favorite authors for romantic suspense. Hidden Peril is the second in the Code of Honor series. So far this is a keeper series.

Kristen Dane runs a small retail business which includes the importing of goods that support high risk charities abroad. She comes across her assistant murdered and the circumstances bring her in contact with Detective Luke Carter whom she briefly met at a friend's wedding.

Luke, finds himself reluctantly drawn to the classic beauty but he has sworn off relationships since losing his young wife tragically. However, over the course of the on going investigation, they get to know more about each other. Kristen has a poor connection with her parents that she regrets.

Things escalate when more murders are linked to Kristen's shop and terrorism ties are suspected. A very good read. Thanks to Revell Publishing for allowing me to read this novel through Netgalley.

Monday, February 4, 2019


Shannon McNear has painted a very interesting picture of the early founding of our country and the settlers traveling the wilderness to establish new homes. Her description of Katrina Gruener and her family and of their scout Thomas Bledsoe are very intriguing drawing you into the characters, their history, and budding relationships.

I really enjoyed this book the best of all in this series and they are all good. I recommend it 5 stars. Kate Gruener loves to journal which, turns out, was a task many early settlers like to do. Thankfully they did, so that we know more of what happened, why, and what they thought. But Kate's journaling habit causes problems for her family especially her Dad. She loves to hear others stories to the point that she is a distraction especially for their scout Thomas Bledsoe.

Thomas is a taciturn but very kind person; and, against his better judgment he finds himself looking out for Kate more and more and rescuing her from one predicament after another.

Thomas has and interesting relationship with the Indians and the reasons for that have roots in his past.

Many thanks to Barbour Publishing for allowing me to read this book from Netgalley.