Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A BRIDE FOR KEEPS by Melissa Jagears

A Bride for Keeps
From the beginning, A Bride for Keeps, not your usual mail order bride story--draws you in. You wait anxiously along with Julia Lockwood to see if Everett Cline, already rejected three times, will show up to marry her. Everett, seeing Julia, can't believe this beautiful woman willing to marry him and live his harsh life.
Both, lacking in social graces, struggle to communicate their deepest needs without revealing their fears and insecurities. Everett strikes a bargain with Julia surprised that she takes him up on it. Julia finds she admires Everett's grudging kindnesses. Everett admires Julia's perseverance in the face of farm chores alien to her sheltered experiences. They both crave one to love them for themselves.
With sweet innocence, Julia comes to Christ through Everett's simple explanation...and her childlike faith and his tender mercies tugs at the heart no matter what one chooses to believe. Once Julia understands that she can be forgiven she divulges to Everett her deepest darkest sin which turns out to be a sin towards her.
Ms. Jagears does an excellent job of describing and explaining something so simple but so complicated for many. Even if you are not a believer, the tender way Everett deals with his wife as she reveals her past should draw and hold any romance fan.
Also, Ms. Jagears has a gift for building a relationship slowly and deeply while making her readers feel they are vested as well.This is definitely one for your keeper shelf and an author to add to your favorites.