Saturday, February 28, 2015

SABOTAGED by Dani Pettrey
Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey is the final installment of her Alaskan Courage Series about the McKenna siblings. I loved the way Dani brought all the siblings in on this mystery and displayed all their unique talents. A whole family of Extreme Sports enthusiasts great at search and rescue, Landon and Jake with their law enforcement backgrounds, Darcy with her newspaper sleuthing abilities, Kayden, capable of flying airplanes, and Bailey, the Russian History artifacts expert, just to name a few, aid in making this a page turning, nail biting action packed novel. Add the tender romance between the main characters Reef McKenna and Kirra Jacobs and you have another one for your keeper shelf.

In addition, Kirra struggles with a secret in her past that makes it difficult for her to trust men. She finds herself teamed together with the charming and sexy Reef McKenna with a reputation as a carouser. Can she trust him? Has he changed? The lives of her uncle and her cousin depend on her.

The stakes become even higher when the whole state of Alaska maybe under an environmental threat of nuclear proportions. Ms. Pettrey handles espionage, romance, and a controversial yet personal subject with aplomb. I highly recommend this whole series which is better read in order but entertaining as stand alones.

THE BRACELET by Dorothy Love
A true historical novel built around a mystery involving family secrets, Dorothy Love's "The Bracelet" makes an enthralling read. The setting is pre-civil war south in Savannah, Georgia. Her descriptions of the era and culture are enlightening and the discussions surrounding the looming possibility of Civil War fascinate especially given the inevitable.

She slowly reveals the relationship between her characters so that you aren't sure how invested in each other they are until you are deeply involved in their stories. Celia and Sutton who have known each other for years and whose engagement seems inevitable, Celia’s cousin, Ivy whose snide comments and sneakiness make her untrustworthy, and then there is the journalist bent on digging up family tragedies. And so the notes and clues begin and finally "The Bracelet" is introduced. After the novel seems to climax, you are then led on another series of twists and turns in the narrative.

 I found the language of the jewels to be very intriguing. Ms. Love author's notes at the end add a lot to this enjoyable read. If you like history and mystery, then this is your book.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

LOVE WITHOUT END by Robin Lee Hatcher
Love without End, a story of second chances, is told from the perspectives of both the hero and heroine as well as through the eyes of the elderly adoptive aunt, Anna. Past histories and blended family troubles  are something many of us have experienced or know someone who has.

We all struggle with whether to love or love again and that becomes much harder when there are children involved. We all have fears and regrets and many of us love animals especially horses and the cowboys who ride them.

I don't usually care for romances about those who are middle aged or older and having almost grown children; but this book was special and written very well. Kudos to Ms. Robin Lee Hatcher for drawing you into the lives of her characters and making you care about them and want to see Idaho for yourself. I highly recommend this book which I received from Netgalley for an honest review.