Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Forgotten Past by Mary Alford

Excellent mystery and suspense writing. I loved the plot. The author kept us guessing and on the edge of our seats. One could sense the fear along with Faith/Rachel. J. T. was an awesome hero with sensitivity and vulnerability. I ecourage you to read "Forgotten Past".

In light of J.T's tragic past one could see why he would be drawn to Faith and desire to help her. He sensed a damsel in distress, one who was in a lot of trouble even though he wasn't sure if he believed her or not.

Even though under J.T's  protection, someone kept coming after Faith; but her description of her stalker and the man J. T. fought off were two different men. How could that be? Trying to solve the mystery was like finding a needle in a haystack with Faith's amnesia. J. T. definitely found himself attracted to Faith but should he trust her?

He couldn't help but admire this strong woman for surviving an ordeal for the past two years. After his wife's tragic death was he able to move on? But then was Faith who she seemed to be or a woman capable of murder. And when the evidence began to point to Faith being her friend Rachel whom they all thought was dead, what then?

This supense thriller has Mary Alford off to a good start. Disclaimer: the Author provided this book for free in exchange for a review on my blog and elsewhere.