Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ruth has always been my favorite Book and story of the Bible. No matter how many times I read it, it never gets old. Most of all, it is forever a part of my Wedding memories. Even without having asked him, my Pastor chose to read from the Book of Ruth as a part of the ceremony.

So, it was with high anticipation, that I approached reading Tessa Afshar's fictionalized version of Ruth. I was not disappointed. Tessa took many liberties and interpretations of events but her descriptions of Boaz and Ruth are spot on. Beginning with Ruth in Moab and telling the story from her point of view and having her meet first Naomi and then her future husband, Mallon gave a unique perspective of how the Moabitess Ruth cultural and religious upbringing might have molded her character.
The Old Testament does make clear that Boaz was much older than Ruth but Ms. Afshar paints a humble but sensual and strong picture of the man Boaz might have been and accounts for the age difference to be acceptable and believable.

From the beginning page you are riveted to Ruth's struggle to survive and her spiritual struggles as she comes to know and serve the Hebrew God.

Ms. Afshar's account teaches us the customs of the time and the history leading us to understand how and why the account could have unfolded as it did. Lastly, she gives us a taste for how the legacy of Ruth and Boaz touch successive generations.

Tessa Afshar has a gift for telling Biblical Romance novels. All her work deserves superb accolades and belongs on your keeper shelf.