Saturday, October 5, 2013

THREAD OF SUSPICION The Justice Agency by Susan Sleeman

4th in the Justice series about adopted siblings who become a force for good after the murder of their adoptive parents. Dani, twin to Derrick Justice, finds herself called in to investigate software up for bid for a government contract--that apparently has been compromised. Chief suspect, Luke Baldwin owner of the company manufacturing the software, and former Navy Seal who requests to hire Dani to clear his name.

From the opening scene, this story grabs my interest, as Luke awakens in his wrecked vehicle realizing he is running late for a very important presentation. After desperate measures pay off, he finds himself in the middle of a situation--worse case scenario, he could be arrested for treason.

Sparks fly between Dani and Luke from the beginning. She finds herself intrigued wanting to find this man innocent. She agrees to do a preliminary look at his computer. Naturally, things get complicated and the whole Justice Team gets involved. Dani discovers an even more scary threat--the mastermind behind the software sabotage is an old enemy. One who wants her dead.

I really enjoy this series especially the give and take between the siblings. This one was really fun because Dani's twin brother Derrick challenges Luke at every turn wanting to be sure his sister doesn't get hurt. Luke, having a sister, actually is able to understand and empathize with Derrick's feelings. Twists and turns lead to the climatic ending with the revelation of the killer.
If you are in to suspense and romance, this series should make your keeper shelf. Thread of Suspicion can stand alone, however.