Wednesday, March 2, 2016

CALICO SPY By Margaret Brownley

Katie Madison, Pinkerton Agent, works undercover as a Harvey Girl to find a killer. She needs to work with Sheriff Branch Whitman who has a very low regard for Pinkerton agents. Harvey Girls and Pinkertons are a real part of our history and Margaret Brownley writes with a warm blend of humor, history, romance, and suspense to steal our imaginations and our hearts. "Calico Spy" is part of Brownley's Undercover Ladie's Series and a fun and excellent read.

Katie learns a lot about trying to be a Harvey Girl, makes friends and enemies among her co-workers and clients; but finding clues to the killer who has killed two Harvey Girls doesn't seem to be coming easily.

Branch, on the other hand, knows he has a Pinkerton in town he is suppose to work with but is caught off guard when he discovers it's a woman and that the woman is  Katie, whom he finds himself attracted to.  In addition, he is a widower still grieving the death of his wife tragically killed during a tornado 8 years ago, the same as the age of his son. The son he claimed because his wife delivered it that night and saved the infant's life by putting it in an oven.

Both Branch and Katie find themselves struggling with their relationships both working and personal as well as with the complications of the case they are working and the unexpected problems and people that arise along the way to make life even more interesting.

Ms. Brownley stocks her novel full of suspense and surprises and many twists and turns. I highly recommend this for your reading list.

AT LOVE'S BIDDING By Regina Jennings

Ms. Jennings novels always have a down to earth feel to them. You easily get involved with her characters and root for them. In "At Love's Bidding", we begin with a mystery as we meet Miranda Wimplegate and her family who run an auction house in Boston for high end antiques. They accidentally auction off a painting and Miranda and her grandfather find themselves heading for the wilds of Missouri to another auction house  they've purchased in order to get the painting back. It turns out the new auction house is a stock auction barn run by Wyatt Ballentine.

When the painting shows up, it is a mysterious item that arrives off the same train that the Wimplegates arrived on and it is addressed to Wyatt. It comes with a letter addressing his heritage--that of the LeBlanc's of Boston.

Miranda's grandfather begins to act erratically, his memory failing him, and insulting Wyatt at every turn as Wyatt tries to help with his new purchase. In the meantime, despite a bad first impression by Miranda and wrong assumptions by Wyatt, they begin to find themselves strongly attracted to each other.

Surprises at every turn, a mystery to the end, "At Love's Bidding" should definitely be on your reading list.