Thursday, June 2, 2016

I have loved the whole Porter series by Ms. Wade. They keep getting better and better. The Porter boys were great but Dru can keep up with the boys. Gray Fowler needs protecting, but, he is the typical all testosterone athlete who thinks he needs to do the protecting. He lets Dru know right up front her services are not needed unless she follows his rules.

Dru has reasons of her own for going by the book and putting Mr. Football in his place--the fun begins. But, the threat is real and Dru takes her job seriously; however she soon realizes that her heart might be in danger as well. In the meantime, Gray ends up making a bet with a team mate that he just might be sorry for later. 

Things get complicated along the way and Gray's past has a lot to do with the man he's become. Dru, on the other hand, finds more than she bargained for with Gray.

Ms. Wade's books flow very well. Her plots make sense without you being able to figure all the angles out ahead of time. Her descriptions paint beautiful pictures and though her intimate scenes are clean, you still feel the passion. More importantly, for those who need to see how faith works in the lives of hero and heroine, she fits that in without being preachy to those who don't believe.

This whole series belongs on your keeper shelf. 

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