Sunday, July 17, 2016

BEYOND THE SILENCE By Tracie Peterson/Kimberley Woodhouse

This novel was a pleasant surprise. It doesn't grab you in the beginning but the authors laid the groundwork for our understanding of what motivated the heroine, Lillian Porter. Lillian is a young woman on a mission. She braves losing her connections with her grandfather and home to follow the dream of her deceased mother  in going west. She has been corresponding with Woodward Colton in Angels Camp, California who needs a nanny for his seven year old son who hasn't spoken since his mother died.

Woodward Colton needs a nanny and he needs hope again. His wife was murdered and he was arrested and charged for her murder; but then he was let go for lack of evidence. Now he has withdrawn from society through no choice of his own and still grieves finding his wife brutally murdered and his son mute. Now he struggles to continue farming his Olive Farm in the midst of a drought and his neighbors mistrust and accusations.

Other things I liked about this book were the historical setting of Angels Camp and the details about Olive Farming. In addition, I liked how the author depicted the rush to judgement by some but the mercy shown by Lillian. Also, one character who was mentally challenged allowed for demonstrating how society treats these people and how we can value them and allow them to find their place in society.

Lillian must get "Beyond the Silence" of her small charge and that of her estranged stubborn grandfather. You will find it worth the read so get "Beyond the Silence".

I received this book from blogger review for my honest review.

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