Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I LOVE YOU THREE By Milou Koenings

I Love You Three

If you love sweet romances, this should be on your end table ready for your next read. In fact, I would add the whole series if this story is any indication.

All the elements for inspiration, suspense, mystery, and romance are here including an opening that grabs your attention and a swoon worthy drop, literally into the hero's arms. Bits of humor relieve the tense moments. You can't help but smile.

Mac, an ex-marine, has returned from his last tour of duty suffering from PTSD and struggles with his family relationships especially with his imprisoned brother from whom he remains estranged. He decides to follow a lead in the small town of Green Pines for a coaching job hoping to get a change of scenery and relief from his pain. 

Julie, works as a secretary at Green Pines High School, not because she wants to but because her ex-husband besides being unfaithful, left her without funds to pursue college. He also left her pregnant and now she is a single Mom.

Julie literally drops into Mac's arm's and then the fun begins. Both have certain goals in mind that doesn't include the opposite sex. They also make assumptions about the other that aren't true. Thus begins a journey in a budding relationship. Each learns a lot about the other but hold secrets that lead to big problems later.

Then, Mac's brother comes to town and the misunderstandings and hidden truths build to a climactic ending...well you just have to get this book and find out!

I receive a copy of this book for an honest review.

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