Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Laura Frantz is a master of historical romance. I have read and have the majority of her books on my keeper shelf. She does not disappoint with "A Moonbow Night". Temperance Tucker, though an innocent heroine, remains true to the tough breed of women that must have braved the new frontier that was America in those early days. She finds pleasure in the simple things and resents the invasion of her peace and privacy by those who are bent on expanding the continent as were those that were surveyors like Sion Morgan.

Both Sion and Temperance have deep sorrows and seek no solace in each other though they are immediately drawn to the other without recognizing the invisible pull. They are also thrown together by circumstances and Sion must reluctantly accept the skills of scouting that Temperance has as she objects to being the only woman among his team of men. Their travels are thwart with many dangers along the trail as the Indians are on the warpath objecting to the white man's encroachment into their land. As they travel further inland, so their relationship buds and builds through the twists and turns just as deep and uncharted as the land they traverse.

Ms. Frantz skillfully weaves history and romance into an enduring tale. I received this novel from netgally for an honest review.

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