Sunday, June 7, 2015

Together With You has a beautiful romantic cover that calls to you to read this book. It is a great read for non-believers and Christians alike as it depicts the struggles of hero and heroine with genuine feelings but philosophical differences that could be a deal breaker for either--yet they have much in common.

Carly Mason and Dr. Ryan Tremaine make an unlikely pair but Ryan's love for his children especially his special needs daughter and Carly's expertise with FADS, making her perfect nanny material, bring them together.

Dr. Tremaine recognizes his mistakes and failures and values his family above all else. He is a good man lacking one necessary thing, according to Carly, a belief in God.

Carly is struggling with self-doubt issues of her own. She also finds herself drawn into Ryan's family and wishing to become a more permanent part but concerned that she and Ryan have too many obstacles to overcome.

Victoria Bylin, one of my favorite authors, I highly recommend adding her to your to read list. She has another thoughtful read here.


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