Sunday, June 7, 2015

UNDERCOVER BRIDE By Margaret Brownley
Margaret Brownley always writes with a sense of humor. Even when her characters get into deep trouble, you realize it's all going to come out ok in the end. In this instance, Maggie Cartwright must go undercover as a mail order bride to Garrett Thomas whom the Pinkerton's suspect of Train robbery and possible murder. This situation creates many delightful twists and turns in this story.

 Garrett Thomas is one of the more serious protagonists that have peopled Ms. Brownley's stories but he is a brooding hero you can't help but be drawn to and sympathize with.

Maggie, the heroine, takes some getting used to. Her job requires her to be sneaky and deceitful--not characteristics I like in my heroine; but in the end, she redeems herself as both she and the reader recognize she has lost her heart to Garrett Thomas; but can she prove his innocence after producing the evidence against him herself.

Then, there are Garrett's aunt and two children who will suffer the consequences if Garrett goes to jail, or worse hangs. The game of chess figures throughout the story and our characters must figure out if they are in a battle or a courtship or both. You must read to find out.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly and highly recommend it for lighthearted reading. I received it for an honest review from Netgalley.

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