Sunday, June 7, 2015

Third in the Porter Family series by Becky Wade, A Love Like Ours, snares the reader from the beginning with a heroine returning home. That is point number one with me for this novel—I like stories about people coming home. The reason Lyndie is coming home grabs your attention and makes you keep turning the pages to see how she is received and if the chemistry remains between her and Jake and if the plan his family has for him, will work.

 To Lyndie and Jake family remains a priority. Lyndie's family especially needs her support with a special needs sister. Jake's family tries to be supportive of him but he has withdrawn since his wartime experience and injuries. He suffers from PTSB and has physical scars as well.

Several things I enjoyed about reading this novel include, how the author takes  you inside the nightmares as Jake relives them and then brings you into the present as you feel his fear and distress. I also delighted in how Lyndie would see or hear something and you would be taken into her imagination and thought process as she would go off on a tangent in her mind about a book she was writing, very cute and funny. The descriptions of the love and stress of long-term caregiving and how it affects a family and takes a toll were true to life. Finally, the descriptions of horse barns, horse training, and horse racing give a glimpse of that world. All of this makes this a neat package.

Jake and Lyndie are human beings with flaws and strengths. As children they had been devoted to each other. As adults, Jake tries to keep his distance but Lyndie's childlike trust and exuberance overwhelm him. Can he overcome his fear for her safety to let their love grow or will the caring and overprotectiveness get in the way? You'll love the climax and epilogue. Each Porter Family story gets better and better. This whole series belongs on your keeper shelf.

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