Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fourth of the Chapel Springs Romance Series, Married Til Monday, is an unusual romance of second chances with an ex-husband and ex-wife. Ryan McKinley knows what he wants and he wants his wife back. He never stopped loving her. He thinks he knows where he made mistakes and is willing to fight for her if he can only get another chance.

Then, suddenly, a chance is dropped in his lap through an unexpected call from his ex-wife's parents inviting him to an anniversary celebration; and obviously, they are unaware of Ryan and Abby's divorce.

Ryan decides to drop by Abby's and suggest they ride together as a couple to her parents. Abby, of course, remains bitter about the breakup and can't fathom a long drive trapped in tight quarters with her ex-husband much less a whole weekend pretending they are still married.

Abby has secrets and those dark secrets affect her relationships and caused the demise of her marriage.  She knows she has feelings for her ex-husband but she just wants to move on with her life. Can love, faith, and Ryan's perseverance  overcome Abby's stubborn bitterness?

I really enjoyed this book as I have all in this series by Denise Hunter. It definitely rates a high recommendation. I received this from Netgalley for an honest review.

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