Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ONE MORE LAST CHANCE by Cathleen Armstrong

One More Last Chance
One More Last Chance is about relationships, family, and small hometown life. It speaks to something that matters to most of us. Sarah Cooley’s deepest need is to find herself again. Striving to leave a relationship with a controlling boyfriend she returns home to her greatest comfort--Life that never changes or does it. Her grandmother is there and she moves just two houses down from her. But Elizabeth's declining health reminds her how fragile life can be. A stop at her favorite home town restaurant, the Dip ‘n’ Dine reveals new management. The new owner, Chris Reed, can't seem to take his eyes off her; but Sarah isn't interested. She wants nothing to do with men in general much less someone who wants to change the menu. Chris, has not had a place to call home, he's been responsible for his sister especially since she became a single Mom. Now, he becomes the single Dad when, his sister, Katelyn drops off her child, Olivia with Chris and leaves town. Now he gets his change in more ways than one.
Author, Cathleen Armstrong , does a good job of slowly building the relationships in her novel. You find yourself cheering with the accomplishments, cringing with the losses and scares, booing for the bad guy, wanting to slap some sense in the heroine, and rooting for the strong, faithful, yet imperfect hero; and most of all, wanting to stay awhile in Last Chance and taste some of the best cuisine in the southwest at the Dip ‘n’ Dine.

This is a slow sweet read, relaxing and entertaining, and worth your time.

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