Sunday, May 18, 2014

MEANT TO BE MINE by Becky Wade

Meant to be Mine
Celia holds a crush on Ty from high school but Ty has a habit of getting Celia’s hopes up and then quashing them. She finds herself irresistibly drawn to him again. This time he convinces her to a Las Vegas wedding and she naively trusts her heart and soul. The next morning, Ty wakes up with regrets, wanting to continue his pursuit of his long-time hometown girlfriend and his rodeo career. Extremely hurt and disappointed, Celia walks out and home to carry on but instead, finds herself with child.
Her choice to raise her child alone makes sense until Ty returns 5 and half years later. Ty finally realizes how bad he hurt Celia and only wants to look her up apologize and clear his conscience; however, he is surprised to discover he has a daughter.

Ty finds himself confused and angry with Celia and yet understanding that much of the blame for Celia’s failure to inform him of his apparent fatherhood falls squarely at his feet. He calls a truce and insists on paternal visits once it is confirmed by blood tests he is indeed the father.
Celia and Ty’s child is a darling and precocious little girl stealing their hearts as well as ours. In the meantime, Ty and Celia both find that neither has sought a divorce all these years.  Ty begins to forge a relationship with his daughter and in the process finds more about Celia he likes.

A career ending injury for Ty forces the issue for them all. They must decide how best to move forward and what kind of relationship they will have. Can they forgive and learn to trust? Can love conquer all? Ty finds it difficult to shift life direction, becomes addicted to pain killers, and remains conflicted as to which woman he wants. Once he finally decides that he wants the mother of his child to remain his wife, he has a lot of ground to make up.  Celia, in the meantime, craves independence and insists on making her own way. She finds herself drawn to Ty once more but can she trust him? Addie, their little girl, remains caught in the middle,  and just wants a daddy.
We all crave a love “meant to be mine”...this one is well worth the read!

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