Saturday, May 24, 2014

A PLACE IN HIS HEART by Rebecca Demarino

A Place in His Heart
Very aptly named, "A Place in His Heart" touches places in all of us especially the desire to be loved. Ms. DeMarino, with her debut novel, strikes a resounding cord. For historical depth, APIHH reveals the author's hard work and painstaking research through the passages that make one feel as if they are on the streets of an English Hamlet smelling home baked bread and wearing lavender laced clothes.
Her descriptions of crossing "the Pond" on a vessel similar to what the puritans traveled in are vivid with remarkable details of what these early American travelers might have deemed valuable enough to take with them and of the living conditions they had to endure.

As for her characters, both Barney and Mary are flawed but likeable people. Mary marries Barney knowing he grieves the loss of his first wife still and needs a mother for his sons.  Barney, vows to cherish her and protect her; however, he hasn't been as forth coming. Knowing he and his brothers plan to embark for the New World as soon as they can to escape religious persecution, he fails to share this very important piece of information until his brother lets it slip at the wedding celebration.
One can't help but have admiration for Mary and Barney as they travel to the New World leaving family and all they've known. Surviving the ocean voyage and missing their original destination by miles, Mary must endure several more moves before they find a final place to call home. Each time, she faces her disappointment determined to support Barney, love him, and trust that one day he will love her back. Failure to provide more children haunts both of them and Barney keeps even deeper hurts and sorrow from Mary not allowing her the place in his heart that she deserves.
Barney, always an honorable man, works hard to provide, care for, and protect his family. A devout man, he sets an example for his family of how to worship God through actions. His faith guides them to trust that God will see them through many hardships. Be sure to read the Author's Note at the end of her book for some insight into her personal heritage that she weaved into her story.

What makes A Place in His Heart such a wonderful read, is the very thing that gives it its title. Mary so desires to have a place in her husband's heart that you find yourself striving with her to gain that prize. The story flows and keeps you wanting to turn the page because Ms. Demarino simply makes you feel you are living along with her characters the founding of America.

 I can't wait for the next installment, Rebecca--Hear, Hear!


  1. Beautiful review! Thank you so much for featuring APIHH!!

  2. I can't wait to read this book. I am excited to learn that it is a three book series. I absolutely love reading Historical Fiction. ~ Blessings ~