Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Gathering Shadows by Nancy Mehl

Gathering Shadows told in first person heralds the tale of Wynter Evans aka Emily Erwin, a newspaper reporter, in search of her brother abducted as a child. She travels to the Mennonite Town of Sanctuary looking for a young man accidentally captured in a picture who resembles her long lost brother. Accompanying her is Zac, her photographer. In Sanctuary she meets, Ruebin King, the Mayor of Sanctuary, but a farmer by trade. Rueben becomes her love interest--another thing that bothered me because they discuss their mutual attraction way to soon for the thesis of this story, in my opinion. But Reuben is an integral character for connecting other characters and moving the storyline along.

If you like stories told in first person, you may be delighted with this one; but I didn't enjoy it and found the first half to be rather slow. However, after getting into the story, the good points are that the mystery and the solution are quite entertaining. Ms. Mehl does a fine job of going back over her clues and showing how they entertwined and then reveals how they fit her puzzle.
In the end, I found myself enjoying the read and would recommend it for those who like suspense and mystery reads; but it would not be one for my keeper shelf.

I received this free from Netgalley for review.

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