Sunday, June 8, 2014

FULL STEAM AHEAD by Karen Witemeyer

Full Steam Ahead

If you like action and drama along with your romance, then FULL STEAM AHEAD!  Karen Witemeyer has another quality read under her belt. I have most all her novels on my keeper shelf and this one doesn't disappoint.
From the opening salvo where we meet Darius Thornton until the very satisfying epilogue, Full Steam Ahead draws us in and keeps us swimming page after page.

 The energetic opening introduces us to the hero Darius Thornton dealing with the tragedy and grief of a steamboat boiler explosion. Next, we meet the heroine , Nicole Renard in the midst of a traumatic attack of her parents requiring her courageous intervention.

Darius obsession to find a solution to steamboat boiler explosions and his ultimate goal to save countless lives and Nicole's mission to protect her loved ones and incur her father's favor provide the gist of Ms. Witemeyer's plot. Darius is an eccentric young man, not your usual hero. He remains focused on his goal to the detriment of his general appearance and health until Nicole, his new secretary has to come to his aid during one of his experiments gone awry.

 Nicole remains just as adamant in her pursuit of concealing the Lafitte Dagger which she sees as her Father's legacy  and obtaining a husband and heir for her father's shipping empire. She risks her life again and again mostly for failure of realizing that her true value rests with her heavenly father.

 I highly encourage you to read the author's notes at the end as they lend much to the historical perspective and reveal how much of the story revolved around the history of steamboats and the pursuit of public safety in America.
This one is joining the other Karen Witemeyer novels on my Keeper shelf!

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