Monday, February 1, 2016


If you like romantic suspense, then you will thoroughly enjoy this new novel and series by Ms. Dani Pettrey. She writes masterfully using both third person and first person to tell her narrative. I enjoy hearing clues through the first person thoughts of her villain.

In addition, I am encouraged by the faith depicted through her hero and heroine as they breathe their spur of the moment prayers to God. As a Christian, I do this throughout the day and can relate. If you are offended by those living out their faith, you may not be able to overlook this. However, if you can, you will find a very interesting story that details crime scenes, post-mortem, and ballistics. Ms. Pettrey has obviously done her research.

Our story opens as National Park Ranger, Griffin McCray discovers grave robbers while he makes his rounds. The surprise is that, instead of a violation of a civil war grave, he finds it is modern remains. He calls in forensic anthropologist,  Finley Scott. From here, the mystery grows, the romantic tension smolders, and the  foundation is laid for the rest of her series.

Turns out the victim was killed by a sniper and this leads us to the knowledge that, in his past, Griff was a sniper learning his skills in the military and performing for a police department. Secrets from the past haunt both Griff and Finley. They are both fighting a relationship even though they are drawn to each other. Will the truth destroy them? Will they find the truth before they become the next victim--and they are in the sniper's line of sight.

 Coldshot, actually, a hot suspenseful read that I highly recommend for your reading list which should include looking forward to the rest of the Chesapeake Valor Series.

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