Sunday, December 6, 2015


I have found a new favorite author, Ms. Kristi Ann Hunter. Her book, "A Noble Masquerade" combines romance, humor, mystery and suspense in a most delightful read. One can not help but fall in love with her hero and heroine. One of the things I like best is that the angst she creates between hero and heroine doesn't stress you out but has one turning the pages to find out how they are going to get out of each new predicament.

Immediately, you are drawn into the intrigue of Miranda Hawthorne's missives to her make believe confidant, who is an actual school friend of her brother. Then when you are introduced to her brother, you also discover his mysterious valet and suspect that her erstwhile correspondence may get even more complicated.

Miranda, struggles under her mother's strict tutelage on being a lady, when within she is a passionate free spirit. She finds solace in writing her feelings to her confident Marsh, her brother's favorite colleague from school.

Things become a comedy of errors when Marlow, the mysterious new valet of her brother, mails one of her letters. Then, he inerrantly becomes her confidant. She,in turn, becomes inexplicably drawn to both him and to the Duke who has surprisingly answered her letter.

Ryland, Duke of Marshington, moonlighting as a valet to Miranda's brother, Griffith, his childhood friend, discovers more than he bargained for as he is undercover spy for the Crown. He wants to know more about this lady who has written letters to him for years. As things begin to develop between him and Miranda in person, they also are developing between Miranda and the Duke, as well, through the letters. Ryland wants to know more of her and to court her when he is free of this job; but the conundrum is how to maintain his integrity through the subterfuge, as Marlow, the valet, and not lose his heart in the end.

This is a must read and an author to add to your keeper shelf.

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