Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary cowboy jewel. Ms. Clopton does a superb job grabbing your interest and keeping you emotionally involved in her story.

Abby Knightly, distractedly driving  into Wishing Springs, Texas, almost runs over Bo Monahan. Immediately her uncharacteristic fear of blood becomes apparent as she passes out and falls into Bo's arms.

For different reasons, both Bo and Abby have aversions to developing any relationship with the opposite sex. Abby is running from tragic loss into what she hopes is a more vibrant and comforting future in the little town she has chosen as her new sanctuary. Bo, along with his brothers, is busy trying to save his family ranch from the deep debt their deceased dad left them in due to his gambling vice.  He has no time for marriage minded women gawking at him like he's a side of beef.

But then things get more complicated when a baby is dropped on Bo's doorstep, literally that turns out to be his. Suddenly, he needs Abby to help him cope; and Abby finds she needs Bo and Levi to heal.

I received this ebook from Netgalley for my honest opinion. The main negative I found were a lot of incomplete or nonsensical sentences that were very distracting to follow the story line. Definitely an editing problem I hope is fixed in the final product. However, I found this delightful story to be one I would read again and recommend to others. And I would consider purchasing a hard copy for my keeper shelf.

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