Tuesday, July 21, 2015


An awesome read, I truly couldn't put it down. A fast paced, action packed, romantic thriller by Melinda Curtis, "Rescued by a Bridesmaid", is not your usual cutsey Brides Maid Romance.

I received this e-book from the author for an honest review and I can say honestly that you should get this one for sure.

Scarlett, the heroine, has several last names which are confusing at first but all makes sense as you get on her mission. We meet both she and Mike in the beginning as they face off and feel out each other at a poker game passing the time until the groom returns from Ecuador.

Mike Romero, an Iraq War veteran, wearing an eye patch because of the loss of an eye, sizes Scarlett up and determines she's beautiful but helpless. Being the protector type he wants to keep her out of the action. Scarlett, unbeknownst to Mike, has many hidden qualities and skills and she's determined to run the action.

Tiffany, the bride sends them to rescue her groom trapped in the aftermath of an earthquake in Drug Lord Territory in Ecuador. Between Mike's and Uncle Cletus's idiosyncrasies and phobias, there is never a dull moment.   This is a funny yet poignant read. It's hard to balance those two themes in a book but Ms. Curtis does a great job. The finale is a humdinger and you want to go on more adventures with these two and Scarlett's crusty old uncle-- a five star read.

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