Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NEW Title for my Blog

When I first named my blog, I thought it was catchy that the nickname I chose `Candle started with C like Christian...thus `Candle Reviews Christian Romance which has been the subject of my blog. Then, I had never blogged before because I couldn't come up with a subject or subjects until I had an incentive. A favorite author asked for influencers and promised a copy of her book to read if you were among the first to contact her and could promote it on a blog and other places. Thus my blog was born.

Today, I've decided I want to attract a wider general audience because there are so many great books out there. Books with integrity. So I've modified the name of this blog to reflect that.

Chivalrous means gallant and courteous, knightly, noble, attentive to women like an ideal knight, fearless, dauntless, valiant, courtly, faithful, true, loyal, devoted--and I could go on and on. All are character traits of integrity that we desire in our heroes or heroines. And, if we are honest with ourselves, what we desire in the real life man or woman we want to meet or already have in our lives.

So I hope you keep on reading and that you will visit often for recommendations and reviews from `Candle for what are great clean romantic reads from various genres i.e. historical, contemporary, mystery and suspense, and inspirational.

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