Monday, November 3, 2014

Most of the time I find I do not like a book told in the First person; but "Playing by Heart” works very well told from the perspective  of  the hero and heroine's point of view. I found myself looking forward to each chapter to see what the other was thinking during a particular incident of the story.

Ms. Lula Bowman, at the turn of the century, has an unusual profession as a University Teacher in Mathematics. Having lost her mother at a young age, her goal has been to achieve what no woman has, a Masters in Teaching Mathematics. But is she doing it for herself or for her Dad?

Suddenly, life throws a curve ball and Lula must return home to help her sister and children survive the tragic loss of her sister's husband. She finds a teaching job but it is in Music with a secondary duty of coaching the girls’ basketball team. The quandary for Lula is that she has no knowledge of basketball.

Chet Vaughn, the Math Teacher also Coaches the boys’ Basketball team. Chet has a passion for his students and for basketball. More importantly, he feels called by God to do what he does. Both he and Lula have something in common. Neither is interested in the opposite sex or marriage. But they both find their views on that subject and others change as Lula seeks Chet out to help her learn the finer art of basketball.

Playing by Heart flows like a beautifully written piece of Music played well. I loved watching Lula's and Chet's goals and needs change as their complicated relationship developed. The plot ebbs and flows and has many surprises. I highly recommend "Playing by Heart" as an enjoyable read that should fast become a favorite on your shelf.

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