Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A BRIDE IN STORE by Melissa Jagears

"A Bride in Store", the second novel, by Melissa Jagears doesn't disappoint.  If you patiently wade through the first third of the book, you'll be rewarded as the story picks up steam.

 It is obvious from the beginning when heroine, Eliza Cantrell arrives fresh off the train a mail order bride without her prospective groom in sight and victim of a train robbery, that sparks will fly between her and the town's want-to-be Doctor, proprietor of the store her missing fiance co-owns , Will Stanton.

Eliza is a strong-willed young woman with just as strong a business acumen. Though she and Will are obviously drawn to each other, Will balks at all her suggestions and struggles with his attraction as she helps him in the store. Meanwhile, her erstwhile fiance, Axel remains missing.

Several interesting characters and subplots make "A Bride in Store" an intriguing read that keeps you wanting to know what happens next. But it is the climax and culmination of the complicated relationship between Eliza and Will that shines.

This is a fine follow-up to Ms. Jagears debut novel, "A Bride for Keeps". Recommended for your kindle or bookshelf.

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