Sunday, September 1, 2013


Shattered Silence: Men of the Texas Rangers by Margaret Daley

Awesome series, Men of the Texas Rangers by Margaret Daley. Ms. Daley is not afraid to deal with Controversial and difficult topics. In Shattered Silence she deals not only with a serial killer but prejudice, bullying single parenting, spousal and child abuse.

Cody Jackson moves to Durango Texas following the death of his exwife to get his son away from the influence of a stepdad parleying prejudice and hate. Kyle, Cody's son, finds himself and a new friend the target of bullys. In the meantime, Cody steps immediately in the middle of a complicated and time consuming case of multiple murders. His new partner, latino Detective Liliana Rodriquez is dealing with problems of her own--her sister's being abused. She and her sister grew up children of an abuser.

Cody and Liliana, both dedicated and good at what they do find themselves mutually attracted to each other. I enjoyed the author's detailed descriptions of the day to day leg work of the police to solve crimes. You find yourself holding your breath in another well written scene where Kyle walks in to find his Dad, Cody, fighting for his life against a knife wielding assailant. An interesting twist are scenes where the story is being tolded through the eyes of the serial killer. The killer could be several of any suspects so the mystery keeps you reading.

A thrilling read with just enough romance to keep you satisfied, I highly recommend Shattered Silence! 

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