Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LOVE BY THE LETTER Novella by Melissa Jagears

Dex Stanton has struggled with dyslexia since he was a child. Using humor to get by and then leaving school early to help his ailing Dad with the farm. Now that his Dad has past and his younger brother has married and needs the farm for a home, he plans to move westward and startover.
But the dyslexia presents a big problem when Dex attempts to acquire a mail order bride to partner him on the journey. His letter is returned making fun of his poor vocabulary and spelling. He finds he needs the assistance of a tutor and that tutor is Rachel Oliver perhaps the smartest person in town. Dex doesn't even consider Rachel for wife material because he feels once she knows his secret she would realize how inferior he would be for her husband.
Rachel, however, has waited years for Dex to notice her. She plans to go off to college but has delayed as long as she can in case Dex looks her way. She can't believe it when he asks for her help for the purpose of securing a mail order bride.
Her mother gets in the way at a critical juncture by not giving her a message from Dex. The story tugs at your heart and is told through the eyes of both hero and heroine. Dex finds a unique way to communicate to Rachel in the end about his true feelings.
This is a must have for your keeper shelf and a great foreshadowing of her full length novel A Bride for Keeps due out soon featuring one of the characters from this story. 

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