Friday, April 12, 2013

How my Blog Began

To get started I will say I am going to review books that are on my "keeper shelf" and tell you why they made it there. Then, I am going to review some books by some of my favorite authors and tell you why I am considering them for my keeper shelf.

Having said the above, let me say this about kindles. They cut down on the clutter of having stacks of books to store or sell in yard sales. I had a problem of knowing which among my many books were ones I especially adored and would read again; and how to find them again. I set up my own system of putting a star rating inside the front cover; but still, which ones would I actually read and reread again. I mean so many times when you first put a book down--you say to your self, "ahhh, how romantic". But, later, would you take the time to read it again, probably not.

Now, with the kindle, if I find myself rereading a book, I know it is a candidate for my keeper shelf--and that is especially true if it has a beautiful or intriguing cover.

What makes you want to put a book on your "keeper shelf". I welcome your comments!!!

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