Saturday, April 13, 2013

SIXTY ACRES AND A BRIDE by Regina Jennings

A first novel by this author but a tremendous start. I loved this book because it's based on my favorite story in the Bible, Ruth. If you haven't read Ruth, you should as a preliminary to reading this book. It is only 4 chapters long but has some of the most romantic verses in the Bible.

In Regina's story, we meet Rosa who has traveled from Mexico with her mother-in-law, both recently widowed. They have come to live with a relative in Prairie Lea, Texas. Soon, Rosa is introduced to Weston Garner, Louise, her mother-in-law's, nephew. He becomes a protector and advisor for the women.

As the story progresses, many humorous situations occur that make you laugh. Rosa is learning more of the English language and American customs and needing them explained. It makes for some hilarious reading as you imagine what she is thinking.

Besides the humor, I really enjoyed the romantic foundation built between Rosa and Weston by this author. A most steamy part occurs when she dances la mariposa, the butterfly dance. A very descriptive narrative follows--and you can almost hear the strumming of the guitar and visualize bare feet stomping in the dirt while colorful skirts flare around the legs of the male partners. Ms. Jennings writes a very sexy but clean read. It gets even better when Weston tries to teach Rosa a more proper Two Step, hmmm.

There is a very scary antagonist who seems to be stalking Rosa throughout; and of course, the ladies are in danger of losing their home.

What will Weston do and does Rosa have the courage to follow Louise's instructions, trusting God for her future, and what does her heart say? Intriguing questions that I would like to tell you are well worth this read to find the answers.

Not only was this book full of edgy romance and sterling suspense but it was simply a fun read!


  1. good review, thanks for sharing...I have read this author but not this book. I saw your blog on Goodreads.

    Paula O(

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were encouraged to read this one by Regina Jennings.

  2. Good review, Candle, and your blog is easy to read! I followed you here from the LI Historical group. I've been reviewing books for about five months and would love for you to check my blog out. It's great to be able to support each other.

  3. I havent read this book yet..but it sounds really interesting! =)
    Great review!

    ** I found your blog thru the "Love Inspired Historical Group" on goodreads. =)