Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Matt Wilmot is a widower and workaholic father struggling to raise his three boys and dig his family out of debt. He remains mad at God for the death of his wife but brings his children to church to appease his former mother-in-law who has threatened to take the children from him. In steps Elle Drake, a divorcee, independent career oriented woman and talented artist. Elle sees Matt's efforts with his children and has compassion on him and defends him with the gossips in the community. 

Even though, Elle is a successful artist, she suffers from self-esteem issues the residual effects of her marriage and subsequent divorce. She mourns not being able to have children. 

Matt's biggest issue is being able to trust. He is a "Lone Ranger" type trusting only himself to handle his problems; however, when one of his sons gets on a piece of Dad's construction equipment and loses control onto next door neighbor, Elle's lawn, destroying property and endangering his life, Matt must defer to Elle's common sense discipline to rectify things.

Things come to a head when tragedy strikes and circumstances lead to a unique solution, marriage between Matt and Elle. Will marriage strengthen or destroy them.

Ms. Herne always writes about everyday dilemmas with grace and skill. You find yourself rooting for her characters as they struggle and grow through real life issues. She manages to throw curves and twists in to thicken the plot and you find yourself turning page after page until you reach the end, always a satisfying ending. This one is another one for your keeper shelf.

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