Sunday, September 13, 2015

Frontier Engagement, an engaging read by Ms. Regina Scott is part of a series but, does well as a stand alone. Alexandrina Fosgrove has traveled West to escape the disgrace suffered from the lies she has lived with her adoptive family. She desires to find a job as a school teacher but lacks experience.

James Wallin seeks a school teacher for the small town his family resides in. The problem is it is a very isolated area and the students are not children but full grown adolescents.  Somehow he convinces Alexandrina to come and she chooses to because she is desperate to succeed. Unknown to everyone there already exists opposition; someone is trying to scare her off. James agrees to escort her to another teaching opportunity; but when they find themselves alone together in the wilderness he offers to marry Rina as he has nicknamed Alexandrina to protect her reputation. James has his own issues but Rina has seen the gentle but strong man he is.

There are many twists and turns in this delightful sweet read. I enjoyed it enough that I plan to read the others in the series.

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