Saturday, January 24, 2015


The Wishing Season By Denise Hunter is a very entertaining read that opens like a thriller. A sweet romance that sparks with the reality of human struggles of faith and love. P. J. McKinley and Cole Evans find themselves with the dilemma of having to compete for the same prize under the same roof with the added complication of their mutual attraction.

Both P. J. and Cole live with trauma and sorrow from their pasts. This comes back to haunt their budding relationship. Whom do they trust? What do they trust--their heart or their assumptions about each other? P. J. dreams of owning her own Restaurant with her own chef masterpieces while Cole yearns to have a foster home for young people to transition into adult life. They both want the same Ancestral Home offered up by its elderly owner to the person with the best plan for its restoration and use. Her solution for two great plans is for them to share the house for a year and show which plan would be the best.

As both accept the challenge, they succeed in getting much more than they bargain for...I highly recommend you accept the challenge this inspiring romance that should be bound for your keeper shelf.

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